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Sage Bionetworks Launches Two Clinical Studies With Apple’s ResearchKit


Today is a big day for Sage Bionetworks and, we hope, an important day for the medical research community. As part of today’s Apple launch of its ResearchKit platform, Sage Bionetworks announces the availability of two iPhone app-based research studies: Parkinson mPower and Share the Journey. These research studies and the ones we hope will follow in the near future will open up a new front in patient-centered medicine.

Bridge Clinical Studies

bridge 2

Sage Bionetworks is launching two IRB-approved clinical studies that allow massive increases in the scale and diversity of clinical study. Using only mobile devices, we will enroll tens of thousands of participants in clinical studies of Parkinson Disease and post-chemotherapy cognition.

AMP-AD Knowledge Portal


Sage Bionetworks announces the launch of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership – Alzheimer’s Disease (AMP-AD) Knowledge Portal, a public repository we created for the sharing of data and results developed within this precompetitive AD target discovery and preclinical validation project.


Our Mission


is to improve the understanding and treatment of human disease through data-driven predictive modeling.


Our Projects


are unified by a common emphasis on leveraging the power of open networks of contributors to solve complex scientific problems.


Our People


work in a variety of disciplines spanning clinical research, computational biology, genomics, and software engineering.


First Release of Data from the CommonMind Consortium

Sage Bionetworks announces the first release of data from the CommonMind Consortium a public-private partnership bringing together area knowledge, large scale and well-curated brain sample collections, data management and analysis expertise.  The consortium has a goal...

“There’s a strong personal connection”

Great article from 9 t05Mac on the Apple back story for developing Research Kit. “Tribble commented on the decision for making ResearchKit open source by saying, “If someone comes with a new way to measure the impact of Parkinson’s disease, they can put that...

Stephen Friend’s selfie from the Apple Spring Forward launch event of our apps. Clockwise from Stephen’s green glasses you can see Ray Dorsey (U. Rochester, Parkinson mPower), Stanley Shaw (Massachusetts General Hospital, GlucoSuccess), Yvonne Shaw (Mt...