Our Mission and Vision

Over the next decade, ever-expanding data will transform biomedical research approaches and feed healthcare discoveries through the use of computational models to predict outcome, and responses to treatment.  At Sage Bionetworks we believe that this advance will be best harnessed when individuals and groups can collaborate openly on discoveries, with a fundamental shift in the traditional roles and rewards for individuals and organizations involved.

We work to redefine how complex biological data is gathered, shared and used, redefining it through open systems, incentives, and norms. We challenge the traditional roles of individuals and groups, patients and researchers. Our work includes the building of platforms and services and undertaking research developing predictors relating to health. We collaborate with a network of partners and individuals, to redefine the way biomedical research results in better health.

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Openness in Practice

Our work revolves around bringing this mission and vision to reality, underpinned by the belief that being open is critical. As part of living our philosophy, all of our tools, platforms, and products are open source. Our software is available in Github, and our non-software creative works are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license except for legacy publications in closed journals. We now dedicate funds to pay author processing charges for full Open Access on research publications and are actively working to free up our backfile of closed publications. You can also view our most recent organizational goals or view a historical presentation from 2009 in which Sage was first proposed inside Merck as an internally hosted open source project.